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This is a book review of the 2017 revised edition of ORDERING YOUR PRIVATE WORLD by Gordon McDonald

Gordon McDonald’s newly revised book provided a lot for me to chew on. It isn’t a fast or easy read because it requires absorption and meditation, which I believe is the author’s intent. I appreciated the fact that Pastor McDonald has never stopped growing in his faith and self-discipline – and what a benefit for those who can learn from his teaching! This would be a great book for a bible study group, and the the study guide that is included would be most helpful for this.

Pastor McDonald is so well-read, and he chooses some powerful quotations. I loved this from E. Stanley Jones: “I know that there are certain mental and emotional and moral and spiritual attitudes that are anti-health: anger, resentments, fear, worry, desire to dominate, self-preoccupation, gilts, sexual impurity, jealousy a lack of creative activity, inferiorities, a lack of love.”

I enjoyed Pastor McDonald’s life lessons, illustrated with stories and insights from his personal life and his long time in ministry, and illumined by scripture and profound Christian writings. Anyone involved in ministry or business could benefit from this practical and poignant book about how to stay focused on the heavenly Father, His mission for their life and taking stock of the time and talents that He has given them.


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